Hemingway's UV Dubbing Packets

Hemingway's UV Dubbing Packets

Hemingways Uv Dubbing Packets are crammed with lovely dubbing that has sparkle and the Uv effect.

Easy to use and has some great colours

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  • HMG-D-UV-
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Product Feature List

Product Features
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Red Fox
  • Light Orange
  • Brown Olive
  • Gold Olive
  • Light Olive
  • Light Yellow
  • Dark Gray
  • Olive
  • Cream
  • Pearl

Additional Product Info

Additional Info

UV Dubbing is quickly becoming one of the most popular concepts in the modern world of fly tying/fishing and for good reason. Our UV offers a fine synthetic blend of sparkle and superfine diameter UV fibers that is different and boasts a higher quality, non-plastic feel, and far superior ease of use in comparison to any other UV dubbing on the market. Our UV will attract fish in any light day or night. Water color, clarity and depth are no problem. It has been tested under the best and worst of conditions and cuts through the toughest challenges to keep you hooked up!

  • An excellent quality dubbing blend of synthetic sparkling fibers and superfine diameter UV fibers designed to increase the visibility of flies in deep waters, or in low-light conditions.
  •  Adds a brilliant sparkle effect to your flies, makes them more attractive and increases your chances of a strike, even in low visibility conditions.
  • Superior over similar on the market as it has the delicate, higher quality, soft texture that is extremely easy to dub.
  • The flashy synthetic fibers give this material a bit of translucent appearance and the right amount of shimmer so it can effectively mimic the exoskeletons of the subsurface fly bodies.
  • Flies tied with this material have that authentic wet, shiny look of the real insect.
  • Superfine diameter UV fibers enable your fly to be visible at greater distances, thus increasing the effectiveness of your pattern.
  • Excellent choice for tying shiny nymphs, emergers, wet flies, streamer flies, saltwater flies.
  • Can be used to imitate the eggs of adult insects or to make hot spots on your patterns.
  • Comes in range of colors.