Hemingway's Hare's Plus UV Dubbing Packets

Hemingway's Hare's Plus UV Dubbing Packets

Hemingway's Hare Dubbing Plus UV is a blend of Hare's ear, guard hairs, and a small touch of fine sparkling fibres, giving your flies very spiky and translucent appearance. Excellent fur for nymphs, emergers, wets, and streamers.

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Additional Info

Hemingway’s Hare Plus UV Dubbing

Hemingway’s Hare Plus UV Dubbing is a variation of the Hemingway’s famous Hare Plus dubbing blend featuring all the exceptional characteristics of this material with an addition of UV fibers. It is a blend of top quality hare’s musk, soft underfur, guard hairs, a small touch of fine, sparkling synthetic fibers and a dash of UV (ultraviolet) fibers. Hare’s mask and underfur provide the base of this dubbing mix, holding the blend together, giving it a supple and soft consistency and making it extra easy to dub. The longer, guard hairs provide the spiky look and make this dubbing excellent choice for tying ‘buggy’ fly patterns. The flashy synthetic fibers were added to give this material a bit of translucent appearance and the right amount of shimmer so it can effectively mimic the exoskeletons of the subsurface fly bodies. When underwater, flies tied with this material have that authentic wet, shiny look of the real insect. UV fibers enable your fly to be visible at greater distances, as UV light penetrates deeper in the water than visible light does. This becomes very important especially in low-light situations. Simply increasing your fly visibility against dark backgrounds will increase your chances of a attracting a fish and getting a strike.

This dubbing is a perfect choice for tying nymphs, emergers, wet flies and streamer flies. Hemingway’s Hare Plus UV Dubbing is extra easy to dub, to twist-dub, as well as to form a noodle for dubbing loops. It comes in extra wide range of life-like colors providing for limitless applications in your fly tying patterns.