Hemingway’s Peacock Dubbing Brush

Hemingway’s Peacock Dubbing Brush

Peacock Dubbing Brush are handmade brushes that incorporate our amazing Peacock Dubbing blend into an extremely durable, easy to use, and very buggy way to tie any fly from body to head. Beginner to expert our brushes are a no brainer they make tying fun, easy, and fast! Each brush is 15cm in length and are available in packs of 10.

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Product Feature List

Product Features
  • Peacock Eye
  • Peacock Black
  • Peacock Red
  • Peacock UV Green
  • Peacock UV Black
  • Peacock UV Bronze

Additional Product Info

Additional Info

  • Hand-made, top quality dubbing material for quick and easy tying, perfect for nymphs, emergers and other similar patterns.
  • A specialty Hemingway’s Peacock Dubbing spun around two super-fine wires.
  • Synthetic dubbing material with fine to medium texture.
  • A very effective substitute for natural peacock herl.
  • The fibers have been masterfully crafted to produce a very impressive 3D translucency effect on flies, adding to their appeal so they attract more fish.
  • When underwater, flies made with this dubbing have an intense, vivid sparkling effect.
  • Makes amazing ‘buggy’ looking fly bodies.
  • Great material for tying emerging shells, Pheasant Tail nymph bodies, for imitating nymph legs, etc.
  • These brushes significantly speed up the tying process as they eliminate the time one needs to manually dub the material to the tying thread.
  • Tying flies is super fast, you can easily fill up your fly box.
  • The fine wire, as a base of each brush, provides a more secure hold to any pattern.
  • Spiky fibers add bulkiness and help create a more uniform look to your flies.
  • Very easy to use and are great addition to your fly tying arsenal.
  • Comes with 10 pieces per pack, each strand about 15 cm long. 
  • Available in a range of attractive shades.

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