Veniards Glo-Brite Suede Chenille

Veniards Glo-Brite Suede Chenille

  • Veniards
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Price: £2.75

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  • Colour: No.1 Neon Magenta
  • Colour: No.2 Pink
  • Colour: No.3 Crimson
  • Colour: No.4 Scarlet
  • Colour: No.5 Fire Orange
  • Colour: No.6 Hot Orange
  • Colour: No.7 Amber
  • Colour: No.7 Orange
  • Colour: No.8 Amber
  • Colour: No.9 Chrome Yellow
  • Colour: No.10 Yellow
  • Colour: No.11 Phosphor Yellow
  • Colour: No.12 Lime Green
  • Colour: No.13 Green
  • Colour: No.14 Blue
  • Colour: No.15 Purple
  • Colour: No.16 White

More Details

A really bright suede chenille. Available in all 16 colours of the Glo Bright range